Welcome to the 21st Century Musician Virtual bootcamp!

Now that September is here, it’s time to look ahead to the new season. How is the month looking for you? Whether it’s an expanse of unstructured time, or looking to be quite busy, you can get involved with this three-week event in whichever way works for you.


What is the Virtual Bootcamp?

The virtual bootcamp is a set of daily activities to help musicians make positive and proactive choices ahead of the new season. Whether you’re straight out of your degree, looking to get back in shape after a holiday or preparing to restart after a quiet 18 months, the next few weeks has something for everyone.


How do I join?

Just bookmark this page! A summary programme is provided, but a new link will go live every day for each daily activity. You can complete however many you like in your own time - no sign-ups, no pressure. And don't feel you have to stick to doing the one thing: on your travels round the 21st Century Musician toolkit you may end up finding resources you didn’t know were there!


What if I would like to get more involved?

We will be running chances to get more involved on our Instagram page, where you will be able to connect with other musicians doing the bootcamp. Be sure to tag us in your posts and use the hashtag #YCATBootcamp.


Here’s the plan…


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

6th -

Making a positive start

7th -

Smartphone Rituals

8th -

Maintaining Motivation

9th -

Budgeting for Musicians

10th -


13th -

Writing your biography

14th -

Writing a teaching biography

15th - 

Finding new focuses

16th - 

Nailing it with Instagram

17th - 


20th - 

Smartphone rituals

21st - 

Memorising Music

22nd - 

Sign up for next week

23rd - 

Revise your teaching policies

24th -


So set a reminder on your phone and follow the hashtag: let's get September off to a flying start!