The end of the bootcamp is almost upon us, but that means one thing: live events next week!

We have an exciting programme of free online events next week that we can't wait to see you at. Today, why not sign up for one? To access the Zoom link you'll need to book on, but tickets are free.

Programme Summary:

All sessions are from 11am BST

Monday 27th September - Career Window-Shopping: making sense of your career path in an uncertain world, with Dr Kate Blackstone and Alasdair Tait.

Wednesday 29th September - Taking care of your mental health as you build your career, with Dr George Musgrave, author of 'Can Music Make You Sick?'

Thursday 30th September - Finding the Funds: Thinking creatively and looking beyond the obvious to fund your projects, with Susan Eldridge (Notable Values)

Friday 1st October - Diary of a 21st Century Musician, with Beth Higham-Edwards (percussionist)

Look forward to seeing you there!