As part of YCAT's 21cMusician session Finding the Funds in September 2021, Susan Eldride (Notable values) shared advice on funding projects outside of trusts and foundations. In the following two clips, she explains how to focus your ideas' funding potential with a problem statement, and how to use this problem statement to think creatively about funding opportunities.

A lady with grey hair is sitting cross-legged and smiling at the camera. She is wearing a turquoise top and holding a mug that reads be amazing.

Susan Eldridge is a serial inventor of ideas and projects that change the lives of musicians. As a speaker, writer and teacher, she has supported musicians of all ages and stages to thrive on and beyond the stage.

She is renowned internationally as a designer of learning programs for musicians, and has recently worked with the Royal Northern College of Music, the Australian Examinations Music Board, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and the League of American Orchestras.

Fascinated with people, and a lover of great conversations, Susan is a podcast junkie. She is the creator and host of Beyond The Stage, The Progressatorium and Change Your Tune podcasts.

She also plays the French Horn, always for fun and sometimes for funds.



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