Brimming with ideas for creative projects but not sure where to start? Arts entrepreneur David Taylor is joined by prominent musicians who have founded their own ensembles and festivals, to share the thrills and frustrations of getting new initiatives off the ground, and some of the tips they have picked up along the way. 


Violinist Rakhi Singh and cellist Adam Szabo (Manchester Collective),

Pianist Alisdair Hogarth (The Prince Consort)

Violinist Marije Johnston (Navarra String Quartet, Weesp Chamber Music Festival

This is an abridged video from a free virtual 21cMusician event, hosted by YCAT in November 2020. 

Starting out - 00:00:12 
Location, Location, Location - 05:02 
Learning on the job - 06:42 
Collaborations - 11:09 
Connecting with new audiences - 14:12 
Fundraising - 19:20 
Final words of wisdom - 26:59

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