Person writing in notebook with laptop on tableSo you think you have an idea for a music project... but what happens next?

Introducing the Project Management Bootcamp! Whether your project is a chamber concert series or an instrument repair business, a new songbook or a music class for dogs and their owners, the project management bootcamp is your guide to the first steps you need to take to get your idea off the ground.

There are three lessons. You could do them all in one go if you're in a hurry, but the best way is one per week; that way your ideas will have more chance to develop.

By the end of the micro-course you will have:

  • Narrowed your ideas into an achievable project

  • Created your own business plan or project plan

  • Have a plan for how you will communicate your project's value to funders or investors.

If you have never heard of a Business Value Proposition or a Marketing Analysis, it's time to download the bootcamp and get started!

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Got your project sussed already but aren't sure where to turn for funding?

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