Career window-shopping: making sense of your career options in a busy and uncertain world.

Building a career as a musician has a lot of uncertainty attached. You may find yourself asking questions such as ‘where do I go now?’ or ‘what exactly is my plan?’ It can be fun: a time to reinvent yourself or try new things. But it can also be confusing. The possibilities can feel endless… or non-existent. 

In the first of YCAT’s Bootcamp coffee break sessions, join Dr Kate Blackstone, YCAT’s new project manager, for a Q and A session about career decision-making. 

Find out:

  • Why not having a plan might actually be a good thing
  • Why your life might be more like a Disney film than you think
  • Why making career decisions is a lot like buying a new coat…

Coffee break sessions put your questions centre stage: ask (or submit in advance) your own questions in a relaxed, conversational space, and benefit from the insights of industry experts.

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