Welcome to YCAT’s 21cMusician toolkit: a series of interviews, tutorials, videos, blogs and live events, each with a different monthly focus, to help kickstart your career as a musician.

1. Broaden your horizons: CV and cover letter workshop with Susan Eldridge 

2. Maximise your earning potential: Mini-Masterclass with Hannah Mitchell-Harrison

3. From generalist to specialist: Guest blog by George Strickland

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Broaden your Horizons: Applying to non-musical jobs with your musical skills with Susan Eldridge

Have you thought about taking on a non-musical job to help pay the bills or create a routine? You might feel unsure of how to communicate your skills when you have dedicated so much of your life to music. Join Susan Eldridge for this interactive and practical session, where you will learn how to make your CVs and cover letters competitive outside of music.

Book now to find out:

  • How to think outside of your instrument
  • What skills you have that employers value
  • Why your musical ability might make you the most employable candidate around

You will leave the session with a checklist/workbook to help your job applications shine! 

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Maximise your earning potential

If you're new to portfolio working, or searching for ways to supplement your income, check out this mini-masterclass by Hannah Mitchell-Harrison from the Freelance Musician Podcast. You'll hear about three steps to thinking more broadly, and in under five minutes you'll have a list of all the things you could be doing to earn money.

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Jack of all trades, master of some: Transforming yourself from a generalist to a specialist.

Freelancing can be famine or feast, but if you're feasting a little too much and needs some focus, read George Strickland's top tips to help you achieve a work-life balance you are happy with.

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