Celebrating their 40th Anniversary, the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) is the largest provider of Performing Arts Medicine in the UK with coverage across the four nations. They provide free clinical assessments for performers with health problems affecting their performing arts practice. Their support is focused on specialist clinical assessment to determine the correct diagnosis and best care pathway for a performer, providing clinical advice and referring onwards to experts in the field where necessary. 

Whether you're struggling with your mental health, Performance Anxiety, or have a musculoskeletal, vocal health or hearing concern, BAPAM have a range of free resources available to help you, including self-help guides to free consultations with clinical experts. 

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Managing Performance Anxiety

Included in BAPAM's resources is a guide to Managing Performance Anxiety, including information on:

  • What is Performance Anxiety?
  • Causes of Performance Anxiety
  • Physical and Mental Symptoms of Performance Anxiety
  • Some Strategies for Managing Performance Anxiety

There is also a new Performance Anxiety Poster available, designed to help manage anxiety in the moment, such as just before going on stage. The poster provides a fantastic resource for rehearsal rooms and practise rooms. 

BAPAM Performance Anxiety Poster

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"Roughly 6 in 10 musicians experience performance anxiety, an excessive feeling of fear related to not being able to perform well, and for about 1 in 5, this is severe. It is very important to know what performance anxiety is and how to get support. It’s useful to remember that whilst for some people performance anxiety may be debilitating, for others it can enhance performance. BAPAM provides education and one to one therapy for 1000 performing artists a year where performance anxiety can be a factor and recommends that all musicians understand how it occurs, the symptoms, and what to do to manage it." 

- Phoebe Butler, Training Manager at BAPAM


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