Saffron Hall continues its series of free-to-view digital performances with ‘YCAT Artist Showcase’, a chamber concert featuring both past and present YCAT artists - James Baillieu, Tabea Debus, Ben Goldscheider, Oliver Heath and the Heath Quartet, in addition to Jess Gillam and Toby Carr. 

Debus and Goldscheider are both current YCAT artists whilst James Baillieu (2010-2014) and the Heath Quartet (2008-2012) are alumni who were also supported by YCAT. Each performance will be interspersed with short conversations between Jess Gillam and the other artists.

The broadcast will begin with a conversation between Angela Dixon, Chief Executive of Saffron Hall, and Alasdair Tait, Chief Executive and Artistic Director of YCAT. Although the broadcast will be free to watch, viewers will have the opportunity to make a donation which will be shared between Help Musicians UK, YCAT and Saffron Hall Trust. These streamed performances continue Saffron Hall’s commitment to supporting musicians by both engaging them and also raising money for musical charities.

Angela Dixon, Chief Executive of Saffron Hall, commented: “Saffron Hall has supported emerging artists since it opened and our partnership with YCAT has opened up many opportunities for audiences and artists over the years.  We were delighted to put this stream together to showcase past and present YCAT artists at a time when their visibility has been so disrupted.”

Alasdair Tait, Chief Executive and Artistic Director of YCAT, commented: “I am so grateful to Saffron Hall for this wonderful opportunity for our YCAT artists, past and present, to perform once again, especially during this lockdown period. Saffron Hall has always been such an important advocate for younger artists and YCAT’s close and continuing relationship with the Hall and it’s wider learning activities plays a truly valuable role in their artistic development”. 

For more information about the YCAT Artist Showcase and to watch the events please visit

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