We are delighted that YCAT artist, pianist, Ariel Lanyi released his ​Schubert's Moments Musicaux and D major sonata recording with Linn Records.

Ariel commented: ‘In the Moments Musicaux and the D major sonata, we see two facets of Schubert: the intimate and the panoramic. I see the Moments Musicaux as a series of snapshots of outdoor life … The D major sonata presents a panorama rather than snapshots … While many obvious differences exist between these two great works, the Moments Musicaux and the D major sonata do share one thing in common: they both end on a question mark. Rather than bring the music to a conclusive end, Schubert’s artistic courage allows him to leave the audience with the burden of finding a conclusion.’

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This recording is part of the Royal Academy of Music Bicentenary Series. In 2021, four exceptional recipients of the Academy’s 2019/20 Bicentenary Scholarships scheme - Ariel Lanyi, James Orford Roberts Balanas and Margarita Balanas - will each release a new album ahead of the Royal Academy of Music Bicentenary celebrations in 2022.

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