We are delighted that the distinguished Austrian pianist and curator, Rudolf Buchbinder, has just announced Ariel Lanyi as the winner of the second Swiss Piano Prize, the ‘Prix Serdang’ 2023.

After extensive research among young pianists, Ariel Lanyi came to Rudolf Buchbinder’s attention. He was
particularly impressed by his interpretation of Beethoven's ‘Hammerklavier Sonata':

"“Ariel is at a decisive point in his career. When I got to know him, he struck me as a serious young man who makes a very mature and authentic impression. I am convinced that the “Prix Serdang” can serve as an important incentive for him." - Rudolf Buchbinder

The idea for the “Prix Serdang” originated during the pandemic period and was first awarded in 2022 (to Martin James Bartlett). The prize includes an endowment of 50,000 Swiss Francs and is not a competition. Instead, the “Prix Serdang” is an award that is intended to be an incentive and to provide support for a young career and an investment in artistic creativity. The highly endowed prize is intentionally not bound up with any conditions.

On Sunday 25 June Ariel will formally receive the ‘Prix Serdang’ when he gives a private recital at Villa Serdang
in Solothun in Switzerland with Rudolf Buchbinder, Adrian Flury and Thomas Pfiffner present.

"We have created something very special with the ‘Prix Serdang’: a prize that is not tied to any conditions; a prize that allows dreams to come true, whether that be purchasing something or making it possible to pursue further education or time off for personal development. Through Buchbinder’s expertise, I am pleased to be able to support such talented young individuals as Martin James Bartlett and now Ariel Lanyi with a contribution, and to observe their continuing life’s journey." - Founder Adrian Flury.

"When I was notified that I was chosen to be the recipient of this year's Prix Serdang, I was overwhelmed with emotions of elation and gratitude. Moreover, when I learned about how the selection was made, and that the panel had followed me for a while and delved into my artistic activities, my gratitude intensified".

"I cannot begin to describe how much it means to me to be chosen as the recipient of this illustrious prize. It shows a true sense of trust from the panel in my artistic values and ideas. To have an artist of the caliber of Rudolf Buchbinder trust me with this prize is an honor which surpasses what I can describe in words. Being awarded the Prix Serdang is without any doubt among the most significant moments so far in my career, and I will forever be grateful for the belief the panel has shown in me." - Ariel Lanyi

Ariel is a shared YCAT - Concert Artists Guild artist. Upcoming highlights include concerts at the Kissinger
Sommer Festival, Wolfegger Musiksommer and Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. He records Mozart Rondos
with the MozarteumOrchester Salzburg under the auspices of the Orpheum Stifftung and later this year returns
to Wigmore Hall.