Welcome to YCAT’s 21cMusician toolkit: a series of interviews, tutorials, videos, blogs and live events, each with a different monthly focus, to help kickstart your career as a musician.

1. We Are Here! Stage Director Sophie Gilpin asks what needs to change for women in music?

2. Free Workshop: Build and maintain a thriving teaching studio

3. Ask for what you're worth! - Elena Urioste


Stage director Sophie Gilpin discusses the challenges currently faced by women in music - and what needs to change.

Over the last year a lot of data has been collected to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on women. UN Women has found that although everyone has taken on more responsibility at home, women are still responsible for the lion’s share of domestic work and childcare, and McKinsey & Company found that although women make up 39% of the global workforce, they account for 54% of overall job losses. That women have been disproportionally affected by the pandemic is not an issue exclusive to the arts, but these findings are certainly reflected in our industry; Encore Musicians reported in winter last year that young female musicians had 34% fewer gigs booked for the rest of 2020 than their male colleagues. Read more...

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Looking to make a full time career out of teaching or simply planning to work with a small group of students?

This free workshop will provide you with a structured plan and the skills needed to build and maintain a thriving teaching studio.

Miami-based conductor Chad Goodman will discuss topics including:

  • How to find new students
  • How to structure lessons based on duration
  • Choosing the appropriate lesson fee  
  • Writing a lesson contract
  • Teaching adults versus children (and working with parents)
  • Group lessons versus individual lessons
  • Tailoring lessons to the individual

When: Tuesday 16 March, 3-4 pm UK time

Where: Zoom (of course)

Cost: Free!

Find out more and register

As part of our 'New Horizons' event in January, violinist Elena Urioste shared her experiences of what it means to be a classical musician right now.

In this short clip, she highlights how important it is for musicians to ask for what they are worth.

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