Welcome to YCAT’s 21cMusician toolkit: a series of interviews, tutorials, videos, blogs and live events, each with a different monthly focus, to help kickstart your career as a musician.

1. Promote yourself online: Top tips from Sam Jackson's coffee break session  

2. The power of the spoken introduction: Guest blog from QCO's Matthew Hodge 

3. Get funders to connect with your artistic project: Highlight clip from developing a Music Business Plan with Manchester Collective

Sam Jackson

Ten tips for promoting yourself online

Taking those first steps towards making connections forms an essential part of promoting yourself and your music, but it's not always easy to know where to start.

Missed our April coffee break session with Sam Jackson (Universal Music Group)?

Fear not! Here are our top ten takeaways from his enlightening interview...

Musicians with a Microphone: The Power of a Spoken Introduction

What are the three Ps of musical taste, and how can they help you win over your audience?

In a special blog for YCAT, Matthew Hodge (Director - Sales and Marketing at Queensland Symphony Orchestra) describes three simple steps to plan a brief spoken introduction to your performance, and create a rapport with the audience before you've played a note...

    As part of YCAT's Funding Focus with Manchester Collective last month, Linda Begbie (Development Director) shared advice on fundraising for musicians. In this short clip, she demonstrates the importance of getting funders to connect with your artistic project.

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