What are the visa requirements for YCAT auditionees?

  • You must have the right to undertake regular paid performance work in the UK without the need for individual work visas/permits. 

    Since 1st January 2021, EU artists (excepting the Republic of Ireland) are now subject to the same requirements as other international artists with regards to performing and visiting the UK. This includes all artists who may visit the UK without the need for supplementary visa approval (please see the list of visa national countries who currently need such approval and therefore are ineligible to apply for YCAT  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/immigration-rules/immigration-rules-appendix-visitor-visa-national-list)

    Those currently studying in the UK on a Student Visa (formerly Tier 4 visa) can only apply for YCAT in their final year of study (ie. finishing their course of study in summer 2021). If you are planning on applying for the new 2 year UK Graduate Route in 2021 in order to remain in UK, you are also eligible to apply, so long as you fulfil the nationality requirements above. (https://study-uk.britishcouncil.org/after-your-studies/post-study-work)

Can YCAT help in obtaining the correct visa?

  • If letters of invitation are required for semi-final auditions, YCAT will provide this. Please email [email protected]