Selected repertoire at all stages is free choice and should demonstrate a versatile, varied and strong musical character. All applicants can repeat repertoire in each round.

Preliminary Audition (Video submission)

  • 30-40 minutes of repertoire from a live, unedited video/s recording, ideally using a single position camera (this does not have to be from a concert performance). 
  • You may also submit any creative digital projects undertaken during Covid restrictions (in addition to the 30-40 minutes)
  • 3 minute introductory video about why you are applying to YCAT 
  • The video/s must have been recorded no earlier than 1 September 2019.
  • The video/s must include only complete movements or complete works (no excerpts). Concerti with piano accompaniment may be included, unless you are applying as a solo pianist.
  • Solo singers and vocal ensembles must include a balance between song and aria in at least three languages, one which must be English. 
  • It is acceptable to provide separate links or different recordings that combine to last 30-40 minutes  

Still not sure? See Audition FAQs

Semi-Final Audition (Live performance)

Repertoire from the preliminary round may be repeated in the semifinal and final rounds. You will choose your opening work, and then the panel will choose the following piece(s).

You may be asked to verbally introduce some of this repertoire as you would in various concert settings.

Please submit repertoire which adheres to the following time limits:

  • Instrumentalists - 100 minutes 
  • Vocalists - 60 minutes (including at least three languages, one of which must be English)
  • Ensembles - 120 minutes (complete works only)
  • Piano Chamber/Accompaniment - 120 minutes of both instrumental and vocal music (the relative split is your decision but should reflect a varied, and balanced programme). You will be required to bring your own vocal/instrumental duo partners to audition.

Those selected for the final audition will be invited to interview with YCAT in May 2021 in London.

Still not sure? See Audition FAQs

Final Audition (Public performance)

Prepare 30 minutes of repertoire to be performed in a live performance at Wigmore Hall, London. This programme will be discussed at the interview following selection of finalists.

String Quartets also will be asked to perform a specially composed 5-minute commission. This work will be made available to selected ensembles by mid-April.

Still not sure? See Audition FAQs