Founded in 1984, the Young Classical Artists Trust is a specialist charity that identifies, nurtures and supports musicians early in their careers and enables them to become self-supporting.

Identify - Annual Auditions 

Each year, over 100 young artists from around the world, at the start of their careers, apply to be represented by YCAT. Unlike any other management - artists are selected through a three stage audition process.

Nurture the most talented - Artist Management 

We provide sustained and developmental management to selected artists who show the potential to become established international artists. 

With a 35 year record of success, we are a specialist charity that understands how to identify, nurture and build the careers of talented young musicians. We provide selected artists the tools and training they most need to lead a sustained and fulfilled career.

  1. Management - 3-5 years of international management (jointly with Concert Artists Guild in North America) 
  2. Exposure - Regular marketing to 5,000+ promoters and concert halls world wide
  3. Branding - High quality publicity materials and professional photo shoots 
  4. Performance - manage and secure a strategic diary of engagements worldwide 
  5. Media - live recordings of recitals at Wigmore Hall  

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"Musicians need concerts, but to get concerts you need to be well known, and to be well known, you need concerts. Solving this catch-22 situation is YCAT’s raison d'être. YCAT gives artists a stamp of quality and seal of approval in the industry".

     Thomas Gould, violinist (YCAT Artist 2006)    


Support for all - Sounding Board

We offer training on key professional skills, mentorship, coaching and network development to young freelance professionals (students/recent graduates) who are looking to find the right path to a successful future in the arts. 

More information about how we support freelance musicians.

The only charity of its kind

As the only charity of its kind in the UK, our work is supported entirely by generous supporters. The more support we have, the more musicians we can help. Further information on how you can impact the early careers of these astonishing young musicians.