The Musicians’ Union (MU) represents over 32,000 musicians working in all sectors and genres of music. As well as negotiating on behalf of its members with all the major employers in the industry, the MU offers a range of services tailored for the self-employed by providing assistance for professional and student musicians of all ages.

As part of April 2022's mental health month, the Musicians' Union have provided mental health resources aimed at early career musicians.

The Musicians' Union offer support to musicians of all genres, specifically catering to those earlier in their career through the publication of their Young Freelancer's Guide to Mental Health in the Music Industry, which is free to download for non-members. 

Download the Young Freelancer's Guide to Mental Health in the Music Industry 

Members of the Union (including students) also have the opportunity to attend free weekly meditation sessions and access a comprehensive bank of written resources. 

Read more about the Musicians' Union Wellbeing Practice and Training 

"Access to health and wellbeing resources are crucial for the longevity of musicians’ careers. We want a culture change where musicians feel empowered to ask for help before reaching crisis point. We’re proud to be working with YCAT and BAPAM, and we hope to continue to deliver on this for our members." - Rose Delcour-Min, Musicians' Union Education and Equalities Officer

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