YCAT is delighted to share an exclusive online tutorial and workbook from Coro by iCadenza, which offers expert-led micro-courses for independent performers, composers, and educators.

Lesson 1: The Path to Success

David Taylor, the CEO and Founder of the Yorkshire Young Sinfonia, discusses the genesis of the ensemble and the wide array of skills beyond musical talent it takes to grow and execute a project. In this video, we learn the importance of understanding one’s own story and how to bring it to an audience through press releases, social media and more.

Lesson 2: News and Media

It’s not just about if you can reach your audience, it’s also about how you reach them and the message you use. David outlines how to identify your own story, the different outlets where you can tell your story, and the development of your Press Call and Press Release. Additionally, our expert shares his top tips for making sure your story makes it to the the top of the list.

Lesson 3: Social Media

What does it mean to build a community vs. advertising to a community? What platforms are out there and which platforms are you going to use to reach your audience? David shares the ins and outs of various social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat) and the basic audience and ideal use for each. Each of these represents a free route to reaching audiences in different ways. You’ll also learn how to utilize paid Facebook advertising to better target your ideal client.

Download the accompanying materials:

Course summary

Creating Your Press Release Worksheet 

Press Release Example

Press Call Example

Social Media Account Examples

Social Media Statistics

David Taylor

One of the leading entrepreneurs in classical music, David Taylor is the CEO and Founder of the acclaimed Yorkshire Young Sinfonia (YYS).

Since its creation, YYS has reached an audience of over 3 million people in just 2 years. YYS continues to grow, receiving widespread media coverage, including the BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘Birth of an Orchestra’ and winning the White Rose Awards 2016 - Arts and Culture Award - the largest tourism awards in the UK. Other coverage includes The Telegraph, Classic FM, BBC Radio 3 and Classical Music Magazine.

In 2017, YYS became the first youth orchestra in the world to be 100% digital, using iPads instead of sheet music with the app Newzik and performed with international violinist Ray Chen.

As a self-starter in the arts, David has developed an in-depth knowledge of the classical music industry and a wide range of skills and he feels it is hugely important to pass the lessons he has learned on to others. David is passionate about enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and ‘doers’ in the arts. He regularly speaks and writes about entrepreneurship, arts education and classical music; both to young people and those already established within the sector.

Before founding YYS, David taught cello at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (Jerusalem).

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