For 35 years, YCAT has been at the forefront of nurturing young artists through specialised management to build their careers and enable them to become self-supporting. We know the struggles and needs of young musicians. 

The transition from education to a career in music is a time of great uncertainty. With most musicians juggling a variety of job roles, the reality of building a portfolio career can be daunting and rewarding in equal measure. 

YCAT offers support to all emerging musicians in two key areas:

21cMusician toolkit: building the necessary skills to sustain a performing career in the 21st century. 

With more musicians managing their own careers, the ability to think strategically, self promote and network effectively is crucial. 

YCAT’s 21cMusician toolkit presents a constantly evolving library of free, relevant, and actionable content, alongside live events and networking opportunities, to help young professionals thrive.

Self knowledge: an understanding of one’s own strengths, goals, and vision of success is fundamental to a fulfilling career. 

Individual Coaching sessions through YCAT are designed to provide a space to look afresh at opportunities and ideas from a different perspective. 

They provide a private and confidential space for you to reflect on your progress and think clearly about the next stages in your career. 

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