Hana Chang, violin

"Impeccable, authentic, and gracious playing – Hana's focus is at all times on the substance of the music."

 The Violin Channel


Albert Hermann Dietrich, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms - "F-A-E Sonata” for violin and piano

Joseph Joachim - 3 Stücke für Violine und Klavier

Franz Schubert - Rondo brillant für Violine und Klavier

Many of the so-called child prodigies focus primarily on virtuosity, but Hana Chang brings a blend of her skill and genuine originality to her Gstaad debut. While her technical finesse shines through the breathtaking Rond brillant, D 895 by Schubert, there’s a unique intuition revealed in seldom-heard pieces by Joseph Joachim (a close friend and dedicatee of Brahms’s Violin Concerto), and another distinctive creation, the “F.A.E. Sonata”, jointly composed by Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann, and Brahms’s student Albert Hermann. This sonata was crafted as a tribute to their friend Joseph Joachim, encapsulating the violinist’s personal motto: “Frei aber einsam.” (“Free but lonely.”)