Quatuor Agate

"They tore through the drama of the First Quartet with thrilling precision, investing it with all the psychological intensity and driving power that it deserves..."

Seen and Heard / The Lammermiur Festival / September 2022



8th August 2024, 11am - Concert in the Great Hall 

8th August 2024, 9pm - Concert in Kevinherad church


With its breathtaking backdrop of sea and mountains in West Norway, the 17th century manor house of Rosendal has lured guests on a remote journey across the Hardanger Fjord for more than 300 years. Today it is the setting for the Rosendal Chamber Music Festival, founded by pianist and Artistic Director Leif Ove Andsnes in 2016, who this year presents his most ambitious programme to date and welcomes more than 60 guest artists, including Quatuor Agate to the festival in Norway.